Richmond, Virginia

Pollywog Gang - Boy Gangs of Richmond Patch



In the latter half of the 19th century, the city of Richmond was a patchwork of territories fiercely protected by roving gangs of young children. From the tony streets of Shockoe Hill to the slaughterhouse district of Butchertown, these little hooligans took great pride representing their neighborhoods, and now you can too. 

Based on the very real names and histories of the Boy Gangs of Old Richmond, this series of patches reimagines the gangs in vintage mascot style. These original designs are created and embroidered right here in the hallowed streets of the Capitol City. 

- An illustrated patch for the Pollywog Gang - the youngest of the boy gangs, with toddler aged children who marched with a banner that read "Death to the Enemy"
- Each patch comes on card stock label with a history of the boy gang.
- Original illustration is designed and embroidered right here in Richmond
- 3 inch embroidered iron-on patch